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Monday, May 27, 2024
Story by Eric Cochran

KINGSTON (AP) - A survey was recently given to the fans of the Jamaica Rastafarians. It was conducted to determine just how many of our fans were actually from Kingston, where Redemption Field is located. The results were amazing...

Montego Bay - 4%
Negril - 59%
Spanish Town - 7%
Kingston - 30%

63% of Jamaica's fans travel 131.3 miles from the west end of Jamaica (Negril and Montego Bay) to see the games in Kingston. It is with out doubt that all Rastafarian fans are very dedicated to their team. Only, nothing serious has never been promised to them. Nothing new. Just the same ole pot smoking Rastas who will NEVER win. It's time for a change in Jamaica, it's time to get serious, the fans of Jamaica do not deserve another rediculous attempt at success.

In other Jamaican news, the Rastas Bambino has gone AWOL... AGAIN! That's right, some sources say that he has been on a short term sickness and has been at home resting in bed, but no official information has been recorded. Albert Belle and Roger Clemens have been running the team in his absence since after last Sundays game.

Clemens was reached for comment and he had this to say. "I don't know where Babe is. I think he just got all tourist on us. I hope he comes back soon because I know personally how feels to have that guys presence on the field, and what exactly it does for you as a young player. And in Jamaica, we've got a lot of young players. Me and Belle will do our best to guide them, but Ruth is the key to a succesful turn around."

The Rastas have monday off then play a 3 game home stand against a very tough Tsunami team. So Ruth maybe on vacation, or is he sick? And will the Rastas ever be a serious team? Well i suppose with them, we can only sit and wait.

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