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Monday, June 28, 2021
Story by Adolf Oliver Busch

LONG BEACH (AP) - Jamaica Ratasfarians owner Eric Cochran and manager Babe Ruth made an emergency landing at LAX earlier today. The Rastafarians official plane, Blue Smoke, had taken off from Long Beach Airport and upon take off the front nose wheel of the aircraft failed to retract.

The wheel was stuck at a 90 degree angle. After carefull planning the pilots decided it would be best to burn off fuel in the air and then resume with emergency landing tactics.

Blue Smoke landed succesfully, coming to a halt on the runway absent it's front landing gear. It was well, just shy of beautiful if you ask me.

We now have an exclusive interview with owner Eric Cochran and manager Babe Ruth to answer a few questions...

Eric Cochran: Hey mon! First off I just want to tell everyone that all things are well with me and the Bambino. I'd really like to say thanks to that pilot who obviously wasn't partying with us before the flight. We are truly happy to have him as a member of the Rastafarian crew.

Adolf Oliver Busch: Indeed a very succesful and courageous pilot. How will this effect the Rastafarians for the time being? Will you and Ruth be able to get back to Jamaica for the series versus Rio?

EC: For the time being I think we're gonna relax here for a while to shake this off. I mean we literally watched our plane fly around in midair on the in flight DirecTV feed from CNN. We also need to get an idea about repair time.

AOB: Interesting. So Mr. Ruth... Are you gonna be able to make it for the Rastafarians game in Jamaica? You are the manager after all.

Babe Ruth: First of all, I know I'm the manager asshole, I'm doing a damn good job of it this year. But to answer your question, no I will not. I've already spoken to (Roger) Clemens and (Albert) Belle and they will hold the fort for the Rio and Havana series.

AOB: Ok now I'm really curious... Why were you guys leaving from Long Beach Airport anyways?

EC: Well... ummm....

BR: We are here looming over Big Ken's shoulder, that's what we are doing. Always want to get the dirt. We also would like to let you know that we plan to stay here, in L.A. until our team plays Long Beach next week. I've said it before and I'm sure ill say it again: Ken... Lobsters... We are coming and you're not gonna shake this pesky Rasta team.

EC: Thanks for the interview Adolf. I'd just like to say in closing... Ruth has great passion for Weaverball and specifically the Rastas so please excuse his language and behavior. We are a serious organization and not even and emergency plane landing will stop the rastas this season!

AOB: Thanks guys, I wish your team luck under Clemens and Belle.

There you have it. The Rastas are serious and are here to play!"

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