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Monday, April 3, 2017
Story by Jim Lockwood

SAN JOSE (AP) - Here they are once again. From Weaver League Galactic Headquarters in San Jose, California, the 2017 Edition of the Weaver League Power Rankings!

1 NEW YORK As always, the defending champs get the #1 spot in the Power Rankings. Lineup looks rock solid, rotation is nice, bullpen is a little thin but probably not enough to hinder another shot at the Weaver Cup.
2 TOKYO The rotation alone would put this team in the upper echelon of the league. Their dynamite lineup makes them favorites to repeat as Blizzard League Champs.
3 BORA BORA The loss of Mike Castro to retirement doesn't help. They're still one of the best teams in the league, but as it stands right now they're gonna be also-rans to Tokyo again this season.
4 LOS ANGELES The Riots added some serious punch to their lineup last season, trading for Tris Speaker, Ed Santos, Josh Homme and Ron Wright over the course of the season. The key will be the performance of young pitchers Greg Ellis and Jeff Jose.
5 SICILY The Barnes is stacked, and Sicily can go toe to toe with any team in the league... but just like Bora Bora they're gonna have to wait and watch Tokyo have their time in the sun.
6 JAMAICA That's right, the Jamaica Rastafarians, #6 in the Power Rankings. Hell hasn't frozen over, but central air has been installed.
7 BERLIN They'll need some more pitching before they can move up much further in the rankings, but that offense alone should win them their fair share of games this year.
8 EDMONTON Not to take anything away from the Orcas Roehm title from last season, but this year if they want to make a repeat playoff appearance they're gonna have to grind it out in a geniune pennant race against the Rastas.
9 ARGENTINA Still the strongest team in the Polanski Division, but with the loss of Todd Walker they could be vulnerable.
10 TEHRAN As usual the Knights will score a ton of runs and give up plenty as well. Good team in a deep division, could finish anywhere from second to fifth.
11 HONG KONG Yet another case of a solid Barnes Division team that will need divine intervention to take down Tokyo.
12 JOHANNESBURG George Sisler is back! We'll have to see if he recognizes the team he returns to. Top of the lineup is still as good as they get, but the rest of the team has come down a few notched from their glory days.
13 BOMBAY Anything can happen in the Polanski Division.
14 HONOLULU Anything can happen in the Polanski Division.
15 AMITY Anything can happen in the Polanski Division.

Anything can happen in the Polanski Division. (OK so I got a little lazy with the Power Rankings this year)

17 VANCOUVER Like most Roehm Division teams, they're doing the rebuilding thing.
18 CHERNOBYL ALMOST anything can happen in the Polanski Division. The Mutants have some solid looking prospects coming up, but I woudn't hold your breath for much to happen this year.
19 COZUMEL Remember the name Terry Whitted. He headlines a solid core that will lead the Mayans back into contention sooner than you may think.
20 LONG BEACH The Great Long Beach Fire Sale is over! There's nothing left to deal. They're loaded with prospects, but it'll be a few years before they see any dividends from the trades of the last year.
21 STOCKHOLM Watch out for the Swedes! They're not gonna be world beaters this year, but they're not gonna be the series sweep waiting to happen that they've been in past seasons.
22 HAVANA Welcome to the 100 loss club.
23 CAIRO Another season of Scorpions baseball. Their marketing slogan this season is "It Can't Get Any Worse! Right?"

Congratulations to the Capybaras! They pulled off a truly amazing feat, going from #1 to #24 in the Power Rankings in the span of just two seasons!

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