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Monday, August 22, 2016
Story by Travis Burnett

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Dean Eubank was once a nobody. Just a tall, gangly, freckled-country boy who was always over-looked.

"They always wanted fast guys or the power guys," spoke Eubank when recalling his younger years, "Even the coaches would make me platoon. Because I played first-base and we had a slugger who played it too. But hey look I always hit over .500 just because I had four homers my whole highschool."

With the limited playing time and not so good looks, Eubank was not desireable by any of the major colleges. According to Dean, "The Miami scout told me that they wanted to go with a guy who fit into the community. Maybe they signed a cuban, I don't know." And so he ended up at Utah St. where he says with a grin, "Trust me--I fit in!"

Even when Eubank started out as a freshman, there was little opportunity for playing time.

"I was told I was going to receive every opportunity to succeed. I just didn't know that the opportunity they were talking about was third string."

It wasn't until midway through his junior year did Dean Eubank finally get a chance to show his abilities, "but only because that other kid went on some mission to somewhere land," reminds Eubank. Whatever the reason, though, Eubank proved that he has some skills that can help a team. During the second half of that junior year campaign, Eubank played flawless first base, while batting at a .327 clip.

"I just still didn't have no power," said Eubank, "but coach told me I was going to be Opening Day starter for senior year. Then he suggested I hit the weights."

With a little bit of training in the weight room, Eubank continued his stellar play at first base--committing just one error his entire senior season--while improving his hitting tenfold. In a senior season that saw his team fight until the last day of the season for the division title, Dean Eubank batted .389, 41 doubles, and, get this, three homers.

A boastful Eubank proclaimed, "I still have those balls! Those were the first three homers I ever hit! Boy, I just want to be able to hit a few in the big leagues."

But it was those mere three homers that caused his stock to fall all the way down to the third round, when the Cozumel Mayans spent a pick on him. After being dealt over to Long Beach, Eubank ended up in Los Angeles in the same deal that brought Jeffrey D'Amico and Ron Wright to Long Beach.

Should Dean ever actually realize his dream of smacking a big league homerun, right now might be the time to prove he can. With his recent promotion to the big league clubhouse in Los Angeles, Eubank is on a fast-track to major league success. Despite the franchise suffering from a horrible BUG that forced all players to be quarantined, Eubank has recovered well and is ready to produce.

"Last year was the first time these coaches have ever worked with me on my power swing. I learned a lot in a little amount of time--it feels good to be able to put some oomph into the ball, if ya know what I mean."

Yes, Dean, I think we know what you mean. Now you're going to have to go on out there and prove you can do it.

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