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Friday, March 30, 2012
Story by Marty Polanski

HONOLULU (AP) - King Kamehameha seemed intrigued by the rumors floating out of Hollywood about the Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, playing him in a biographical movie.

The Rock dons his new Honolulu Volcano cap while visiting Diamond
Head Diamond on March 30, 2012

"I, King Kamehameha will finally get the recognition I deserve! Da King will get his own movie!", exclaimed the King. "Da King says it about time dey cover his eminence. Dey best mention da Volcanos. The Rock might do an OK job but he need to work out more and get some more muscles to play me."

The Rock recently visited the renovated Diamond Head Diamond Volcano stadium. He came during a pre-season Spring Training warm-up game between the Volcanos and their Triple-A team the Hilo Pineapples. He wanted to get to know the man, the legend that is King Kamehameha.

"Can you smell it," the Rock offered. "I can smell it! All those flowers on the King's lei sure are damn impressive. I have to admit that the King is the man. He's got the power, the ladies and he runs the most professional organization in all of sports."

While Rock said he was more of a football fan, having played for the Miami Hurricanes in college before injuries brought his potential NFL career to a close, he has adopted the Volcanos as his team.

"Man the things the King has seen! I know we will spend a lot of time on his career as manager of the Volcs. I'm not giving anything away but that Weaver Series he won with his ingenious strategy over those candy ass Commie Cigars will be one bad ass part of the movie!"

The King says they better get the movie right or he will make some "sacrifices" to the goddess Pele, namely stupid movie execs. "Dey best not make dis some PC crapfest. Dey better show me whooping da butts of all the weak little chieftains of the islands and laying claim to 'Caesar' of the Pacific! Yeah I am a dictator but who better is their to rule? You? Muahahahahahahahahah!"


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