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Monday, January 3, 2011
Story by Mike Wilson

TOKYO (AP) - Owner Mike Wilson made it official today, only days after filing a formal petition to move his team he announced that he had recieved permission from the league to relocate his team to Tokyo, Japan.

Over 100,000 rowdy Japanesse fans were on hand at the welcoming ceremonies on the Tokyo waterfront. Wilson made the historic announcement through an interpreter, that Weaver League baseball had returned to where it belonged... Tokyo.

"I am very happy today to announce the return of Weaver league baseball to Tokyo! I present to you your Tokyo Tsunamis, and the new Tsunami Stadium!" Wilson yelled over the crowd.

Just as Wilson finished the announcement a mechanical lift raised several players out of the depths of the stage wearing the black, white and blue of the new Tokyo franchise, as warning sirens blared and firworks lit the dusk sky.

Tsunamis' first baseman and captin Eric Karros, with tears in his eyes exclaimed, "This is why we play, for the fans," as he took a large team flag and waved it above the stage.

Tsunamis' owner Wilson pledged that as long as he owned the team it would stay in Tokyo. When asked why he was so secretive about the team's move from St. Petersberg, Wilson said, "We tried to do what was best for all parties involved. I tip my hat to the people of Russia, the have supported this franchise well, but a time comes when changes must be made."

When asked what kind of team the Tsunamis would field in 2011, Wilson stated, "We have no secrets. We want to get younger and better, we will start with pitching and defense. We are not going to keep players around anymore who can't help us.

"Anyone on this roster can traded or cut, we have to rebuild, and that can be painful. We think we can win 61 games and get out of the cellar this year. Right now we just want to see improvement," Wilson explained.

Eric 'Cap' Karros today again denied rumors that he was unhappy and wanted a trade, stating, "I want to play and help this team. If trading me helps this team so be it. I could have retired, but this team still needs me."

Karros is currently the franchise leader in almost every batting category. He is thought to be a prized veteran worth aquiring by several contending teams looking for experience.

Karros was allegedly almost traded several times in 2010, and now looks like a lock to finish his career in Tsunamis Black and blue, and join the team's front office or coaching staff after his retirement.

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