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Monday, January 4, 2010

Story by Cory Muzyka

VANCOUVER (AP) - Jubilation in Vancouver today, as the city was awarded it's second Weaverball franchise in the history of the league. General Manager Cory Muzyka was on hand, in front of the sparkling new Nat Bailey Stadium to shake hands with Vancouver Mayor Philip Owen who officially welcomed the team.

"This is a great victory for the city of Vancouver. We've been lobbying to try and bring a baseball team to Vancouver since the Vancouver Vipers left, and finally we have landed a team. It's a great day for the city."

GM Cory Muzyka was noticably pleased with the reception.

"What can I say - what a reception", said Muzyka. "We're proud to be here! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank both the league and the city for the chance to move the team to Vancouver. It's a great city and I'm looking forward to building a winner here."


The team also announced the new name for their franchise, as well unveiling their mascot and new uniforms.

"Our team will be called the Vancouver Mounties", said Muzyka in a deliberate nod to the city's baseball heritage. The first baseball team to play in the city was named the Vancouver Mounties. "We'll be wearing red and white uniforms, and our mascot will be Virgil the Beaver."

Virgil ran out onto the stage to cheers from the assembled crowd.

"This stadium, this city, this team - we are building for the future and we are doing it in a city that loves it's baseball. It will take us a few years, and sure it'll be tough for a while, but in the end we'll build a winner for the city of Vancouver."

Virgil the Beaver said it all, when he grabbed the microphone and shouted "GO MOUNTIES!"

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