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Monday, April 14, 2008
Story by Jim Lockwood

SAN JOSE (AP) - Better late than never... Direct from the Weaver League Galactic Headquarters in San Jose, here is the 2008 version of the Weaver League start of season power rankings:

1 AMITY Team won 128 games with Frank Thomas on DL the majority of 2007, his loss to retirement won't phase this well oiled machine.
2 BELFAST Defending Champions. No significant offseason losses from team that set BL record for wins in a season.
3 NEW YORK Competition for Lockwood Division will be fierce, but the Nukes have some aging, bitter SOB's on their roster and their rivals will have to pry the division from their cold, dead hands.
4 RIO Loss of Addie Joss before playoffs showed just how much Rio relies on their ace, but as long as he's healthy the Capys mean business.
5 COZUMEL Best record in history by a team to not make the playoffs, you know they're motivated.
6 LA Late season surge in 2007 catapulted Riots into contention. They're hoping the addition of CF Scott Schaefer provides the spark to push them ahead of the competition.
7 HAVANA Loss of slugger Tim Salmon to retirement doesn't help aging team, but they should still be able to hang with Rio.
8 LONG BEACH A genuinely frightening lineup that will only get better. Pitching staff is improved. Time will tell if they're ready to take on the big boys.
9 HONG KONG A team on the rise. Some great young hitting talent, will need to deepen their pitching staff if they hope to catch the Bombers.
10 SICILY See above. Interesting note: Godfathers are one of three teams to never have a losing season in franchise history (Rio and Amity are the others).
11 ARGENTINA Rarified Andes air was a boon for the Archers offense last season (3rd most runs scored in IL), and a bane for their pitchers (3rd highest ERA).
12 CHERNOBYL Led Polanski Division for the first couple of months last year, but dropped off dramatically in second half. Koji Nihonji is the most underrated player in the league.
13 BOMBAY After years of mediocrity Elephants finally have a supporting cast to compliment Marcelino Reams and Jim Palmer.
14 ST. PETERSBERG If only Nolan Ryan could find the plate on a consistent basis.
15 HONOLULU Youth movement has yet to pay the dividends that King Kamehameha was hoping for.

Official team of the AARP. They're sold old they've got heiroglyphics on their drivers licenses.

17 JAMAICA Not a bad lineup. Kris Kotsopalous making Rasta fans forget about Babe Ruth. Pitching leaves something to be desired.
18 CAPE TOWN They traded promising RF prospect Donovan Barnett to Long Beach in the offseason, but have positioned themselves nicely for rebuilding with a boatload of draft picks.
19 JOHANNESBURG Public outcry by wildlife preservation groups pressured the team to change their politically incorrect monicker. Team officials ready to put recent history on the field behind them too.
20 SYDNEY Roos will probably have to get worse before they get better.
21 MOTOWN New manager Triple H has his work cut out for him.
22 EDMONTON From top to bottom the franchise is hoping for a fresh new start in Alberta.
23 TOKYO Japan is elated to see the Weaver League return after a seven year absence. They'll have to wait a little longer before they see a winner.
24 BERLIN Nowhere to go but up... Right? Fans are patient, when the season ends Oktoberfest makes them quickly forget their misery.
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