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Monday, April 2, 2007
Story by Greg Wardlow

SAN JOSE (AP) - From Weaver League headquarters, here are the inaugural Weaver League start of season power rankings, courtesy of Greg Wardlow:

1 RIO Best pitching in the league, and a great hitting lineup
2 BELFAST Runs and homers at the top of the league, very effective pitching
3 AMITY Very well balanced club in a relatively weak division
4 LA The team to beat again, but in a very tough division battle
5 NEW YORK In any other division a WS definite, so much talent
6 COZUMEL Better every year, but still have to get past LA and NY
7 HAVANA A great team, but not able to keep Rio's pace in recent years
8 HONOLULU Getting older, but not time to rebuild yet
9 HONG KONG Has made a lot of moves and should make some noise this year
10 ARGENTINA Great offense, not much pitching. Walter Johnson will help
11 LONG BEACH So much talent, but still very young. Pitching?
12 SICILY Still can hit, but getting older every season
13 TAIPEI Made a lot of noise in 2005, then fell backward
14 PARIS A good core of young talent, need a couple big trades
15 MOSCOW Good hitting and team speed, Nolan Ryan needs a big year
16 CAPE TOWN New owner begins to ship players for picks
17 CHERNOBYL They can hit, some more pitching and they'll be good
18 JOHANNESBURG A few key moves and this team could surprise
19 TAEGU Mel Ott is the only bright spot
20 JAMAICA A good hitting club, they'll miss Walter Johnson a lot
21 MOTOWN Some good bats, but not enough and no Ace
22 SYDNEY Finally an owner that will start putting it back together
23 BOMBAY Jim Palmer has some young help on the way, but not this year
24 BERLIN In rebuilding mode. Major.

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