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Monday, April 4, 2005
Story by Brian Power

PARIS (AP) - The Atlanta Rebels Organization has announced that after the start of the 2005 season, the team will no longer reside in Atlanta. They have been planning the move since the 2004 All-Star break, but didnít want to make any kind of public announcement until they were sure of their new location.

They have had many offers from many major cities such as Rome, Sydney, Mexico City, Istanbul, Cairo, and Paris. They met with officials from each city and have finally made their decision. They have decided to move to Paris. When owner Brian Power was asked about the move, he had this to say. "The Rebels have had a tough season. I think that it is time to move to a different location and have a fresh start. Paris would be the best place to move because the city is already a great tourist attraction and a baseball team could add to that."

The team will no longer be known as the Rebels, but as the Paris Patriotes. The Patriotes ballpark has been rumored to be built right next to the Eiffel Tower, therefore being known as The Eiffel Tower Field. Paris officials have confirmed that this rumor is true and had this to say. "We feel that a field next to the Eiffel Tower would provide the field with more people to sit and watch the game." The team will be allowed to visit the new ballpark a week after the regular season is over.

The move will occur two weeks after the playoffs have concluded. The few fans that the Rebels still have in Atlanta are heartbroken but realize that the move is for the good of the team. Everyone in Atlanta hopes that the team has much success in the future.

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