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Monday, April 4, 2005
Story by Vincent Stone

HONG KONG (AP) - After a disappointing season last year, the Chicago Whales decided to pack up their bags and move out of the windy city. Top team officals cited Chicago City Council reluctance to renew the lease on the ballpark as their motive to relocate. After months of research and serious consideration of different possible cities, the team choose Hong Kong as their next home base.

Hong Kong, known as the "pearl of the east", is a tiny city that hosts close to 8 million people. Everybody in Hong Kong is very excited about the news that a Weaver League baseball team is moving back into the city. To make sure that the baesball team is here to stay this time, the Hong Kong government bull-dozed the old airport to make room for the construction of the new ballpark (which hasnít been named at press time). Also, in tribute to the old franchise from the city, the team is to be renamed the Hong Kong Dragons.

When the 2005 season starts, not only they will have a new name, they will also have a lot of new faces in the dugout. First off, Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour) was hired to be the new skipper of the Hong Kong Dragons, the old GM has been replaced by Sammo Hung (Martial Law), and the 3rd base coach has been replaced by Jet Li (Lethal weapon 4). This is going to be an exciting season for the Hong Kong Dragons.

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