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Monday, April 4, 2005
Story by Rob Wyatt

CORDOBA (AP) - As the sun sets in Portland, the former Scalpers arrive in their new home city Cordoba, Argentina. Although the city is not as populated as Buenos Aires, Cordoba was chosen by the Scalpers owner Robert Wyatt for the newly named Argentina Archers. "We chose Cordoba for a few reasons," Wyatt said. "This city is absolutely beautiful, especially with the Andes as the backdrop. With the mountain climate, we expect the long ball to be a little more prominent in our offense. Plus, the fans in Buenos Aires are still disheartened since they lost the Llamas."

The new stadium for the Archers will be called Roy Campanella Memorial Park, and is patterned after Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Roy Campanella, who passed away in 1993, was the driving force behind Wyatt's former team, the Diablos, run to the Weaver Series in the early days of the Weaver League. "I was fond of Roy as soon as I saw his work ethic and numbers. There were plenty of talented All-Time catchers to choose from, but Campy was my choice right off the bat. A lot of the other owners thought I was making the wrong decision, but Campy put up an MVP type year, and it got me a chance at the Weaver Cup. This is the best way to honor his memory," Wyatt said.

Campanella's former teammate Don Mattingly has been named the new manager of the Archers. Mattingly had this to say, "This is a very exciting opportunity for me. We have a lot of youth here. The potential is definitely here to contend with the top teams. It's my job to see that these young guys play as they should. I've also pointed out to Mr. Wyatt that there are problems in the clubhouse to address, and positions that need to be upgraded, and I expect him to live up to his responsibility."

Another former Diablo Sid Fernandez, is back full time as the teams pitching coach. Last seasons controversy with Rio actually picking up the aging free agent, sparked a debate in the Weaver Forum. With the temporary absence of Fernandez in September, as he was activated to Rio's major league roster, the Scalpers ERA's all increased. Now that Fernandez has officially retired, he has plans for the new look pitching staff. "We have a new starter and 3 new pitchers in the bullpen up from AAA. They should all be improvements over last seasons pitchers. I am excited to work with Rollins, who should be one of the top pitchers in 2 or 3 seasons."

With all of the changes in management and locations, the Archers may have a great many distractions. However, Wyatt is very confident in is team this season and in the seasons to come, "Don has challenged me to get the job done. He is here to win, and I am anxious to so. It's been three seasons now since I began this rebuilding process, and it's time to get back on the rise. After all the deals taking steps back, it's time to take steps forward."

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