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Monday, April 1, 2002
Story by Jim Lockwood
Marty Polanski, pictured here at the 1998 Weaver Summit at the Oakland Coliseum.

SAN JOSE (AP) - After overseeing the Eternal Weaver League from it's humble beginnings in Milpitas, California in 1987 to the multinational organization it has become today, Charles (aka Marty) Polanski has announced that he will vacate his role as commissioner. Filling the role will be Jim Lockwood (owner of the New York Nukes and Editor of The Weaver Times). The move will mark the first front office change since the league was established in 1987, and is meant to strenghten the league and ensure that it's rich tradition will continue well into the future.

As part of the change, the league offices will remain in California, but will be moved north from Los Angeles to San Jose. From there, Lockwood will handle all aspects of league play. Polanski will remain active in the league as owner of the Honolulu Volcanos and will devote more time to development of the league website. He'll also be sure to keep a close eye on Lockwood to make sure he knows what the hell he's doing and that he won't drive the league into the FREAKIN' GROUND!

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