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Monday, August 6th, 2001
Story by Tony Robles

DETROIT (AP) - Many of you remember during this past off season Cy Young of the Motown Miracles went nuts at a autograph signing party in Detroit, when he was made aware that he had not won the "Cy Young" award again. Mr. Young started throwing tables and chairs, one of which flew threw a window causing the broken glass to be sent flying into a Pool full of people on the opposite side. Several people were hurt and sent to the hospital for treatment, and Cy Young was arrested.

As a result of his outburst he has been dubbed Cy "chotic" Young, Cy is being sued by at least two people who sustained injuries for an undisclosed amount, and it does not end there, sources say that the league is reviewing the incedent for possible diciplinary action, The Commish could not be reached as of post time for comment.

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