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Monday, Sept. 11, 2000
Story by Jim Lockwood

SAN JOSE (AP) - Fans of The Weaver Times, your wait is finally over!

Jim Lockwood, President and C.E.O. of the Weaver League's New York Nukes Franchise, has taken over as the Editor in Chief of The Weaver Times from Edwin Mercado, former Editor and current owner of the Havana Cigars. Along with this change, The Weaver Times headquarters will be moving to Lockwood's hometown of San Jose, California.

Lockwood said that The Weaver Times will now have three permanant editions during the course of a season and possibly more, depending on the amount of contribution from other league owners. The three permanant editions will be a Season Wrap-Up and Preview, a Midseason and All-Star Edition, and a Playoff Preview Edition.

Mercado, who brought the Times to it's current level of excellence during his tenure as Editor, was forced to step down because he was unable to meet deadlines due to the demands of his busy schedule. Lockwood said of Mercado, "The Weaver Times wouldn't be the publication it is today without Edwin's enormous dedication, and we still expect Edwin to still contribute to the paper from time to time, when he gets a chance."

Statement from Lockwood: Call for Articles

"The Weaver Times is back but we need owners to contribute articles to make it as good as the Weaver League deserves! Any and all owners interested in contributing to the next edition of the Weaver times should contact me ASAP at the link at the bottom of this page. Brian Marshall has already contacted me and will be doing a regular article on the Weaver League All-Timers about both their Major League pasts and their careers in the Weaver League. I don't expect all owners to contribute to every edition but I would hope that most would contribute at least once a season. Besides, it's one of the best ways to promote your bad-ass team! The Weaver Times is one of the many unique feature to our league that helps separates us from all the minor-cyber leagues out there. DO YOUR DUTY! Contribute to the Weaver Times!"

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