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Monday, Oct. 2, 2000
Story by Jim Lockwood

OAKLAND (AP) - On May 9th, eight Weaver League owners met for an historic summit at the Oakland Coliseum. The meeting is the first of what hopefully will become a semi-regular event. Those attending witnessed the pounding of the lowly Chicago White Sox by the All-Powerful Oakland Athletics by a final score of 15-7!

Commissioner Charles "a.k.a. Marty" Polanski was able to find time in his busy schedule to make the drive up from Los Angeles to attend the summit. Other in attendance were me (Jim Lockwood), Rob Wyatt, Tony Robles, and new owners Eric Cochran, Jimmy Moock, and Steve Whittimer. Tony offered to barbecue and served up some tasty burgers and hot dogs in the parking lot before the game.

Unable to attend due to having to pay the salaries of Bob Gibson and Reggie Sanders was Kabul owner Matt Etzler, so after the game I drove with Marty and Rob to Matt's apartment on the campus of Sonoma State University to hang with him for a while. We played pool where I proceeded to kick everyone's ass! Disclaimer: I'm just kidding, I made that part up. I suck at pool. I was the one getting my ass kicked.

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