"The Sting is the Thing"
Established 2009

Stadium: Imhotep Stadium
Model: Busch Stadium
Climate: Phoenix, AZ
Colors: Blue, Silver, Black

- Home
- Road
- Special

Owner: Eric Radcliffe
Manager: King Tut

Minor League Affiliates:
- Alexandria Camels (AAA)
- Luxor Kings (LOW)

Cairo Scorpions Franchise Timeline

April 7, 1997: First game in franchise history.

1998 Playoffs: The Nairobi Malaria make their one and only playoff appearance. They win the Barnes Division title but are defeated by the Havana Cigars in the BLCS 4 games to 3.

November 6, 1998: Stan Musial is named the MVP of the Blizzard League.

October 3, 1999: Stan Musial becomes the first Triple Crown winner in modern Weaver League history, leading the Blizzard League in home runs (59), RBI (153), and Batting Average (.400).

November 5, 1998: On the strength of his Triple Crown performance, Stan Musial is the unanimous winner of the Blizzard League MVP. It his Musial's second consecutive MVP award.

January 1, 2004: Despite being quite successful during much of their run in Nairobi, the team sufferes a modest decline in attendance as they slip to fifth place in 2003. The citizens of Nairobi are stunned when the team is moved in the dead of night, relocated to Taiwan and renamed the Taipei Typhoon.

January 1, 2009: The Taipei Typhoon comes to an end as management moves the team to Egypt, renaming the team the Cairo Scorpions.

November 6, 2019: Cleo Prince is named Blizzard League Rookie of the Year.

2021 Playoffs: The Scorpions win their first Weaver Cup! Making the franchise's first postseason appearance in 23 years, Cairo dominates by sweeping their way through the playoffs. They knock off the defending champion Long Beach Lobsters in the BLCS and then dispatch the Amity White Sharks in the Weaver Series.

November 4, 2021: Rube Waddell wins the Blizzard League Cy Young Award. Waddell, being a few cards short of a full deck, gets distracted by the sound of a passing firetruck during the Cy Young press conference and ends up bolting out of the room to go chase it.

November 5, 2021: Rod Lewis is named Blizzard League MVP.

2022 Playoffs: Cairo wins their second straight Barnes Division title, but they're unable to defend their Weaver Series title. In a rematch of the 2021 BLCS Long Beach beats the Scorpions in six games.

February 4, 2022: Former Nairobi Malaria great Stan Musial is inducted into the Weaverball Hall of Fame.