"The Beach, The Beach, The Beach is on Fire!"
Established 2005

Stadium: The Lobster Tank
Model: Busch Stadium
Climate: Los Angeles, CA
Colors: Red, White

- Home
- Road
- Special

Owner: Ken Paplanus
Manager: Mike Castro

Minor League Affiliates:
- Temecula Tarantulas (AAA)
- Corona Crabs (LOW)

Long Beach Lobsters Franchise Timeline

April 7, 1997: First game in franchise history.

November 11, 1997: Carl Yastrzemski drops a bombshell and retires at the age of 28 after just one season with the Buenos Aires Llamas. He couldn't take the losing.

January 1, 1998: The Llamas are renamed the Conquistadores.

November 4, 1998: Ed Schemer is named Rookie of the Year in the Blizzard League.

January 1, 1999: Attendance for the 1998 season plummets after the retirement of Carl Yastrzemski. Management decides to move the team to Spain and renames the team the Madrid Conquistadores.

January 1, 2002: The Conquistadores are renamed the Wolves.

January 1, 2005: Management once again turns it's eyes to greener pastures, relocating the team to Southern California and renaming the team the Long Beach Lobsters.

November 5, 2008: Donovan Barnett wins the Blizzard League Rookie of the Year award.

2009 Playoffs: The Lobsters win the Roehm Division for the first time in franchise history. They face the Belfast Bombers in the BLCS, but are defeated in six games.

June 11, 2010: Brett Wagner throws a perfect game against the Edmonton Orcas.

April 5, 2011: Mike Castro throws a perfect game. It is the second time in less than a year that a Lobsters pitcher throws a no-hit game against Edmotnon.

2011 Playoffs: Long Beach wins it's first Weaver Series! They defeat the Cozumel Mayans 4 games to 2.

November 3, 2011: Mike Castro wins his second straight Blizzard League Cy Young Award. He won the award with Belfast in 2010.

November 4, 2011: Josh Homme plays just over a month with the Lobsters after being traded from the New York Nukes... but he still manages to win the Blizzard League MVP.

November 9, 2012: In his only Blizzard League season, Sendai Ashikaga is named MVP. He announces his retirement a few weeks later.

2013 Playoffs: The Lobsters win their third Roehm Division title, but they are defeated by the Hong Kong Dragons in the BLCS 4 games to 2.

November 6, 2008: Sam Thomas wins the Blizzard League Rookie of the Year award.

November 8, 2013: Ed Santos is named Blizzard League MVP. Santos becomes the third Lobster in three seasons to be named MVP.

September 2, 2015: Russ Ford throws a perfect game against the Sicily Godfathers.

2015 Playoffs: The Lobsters win their second Weaver Championship! They dispatch the Johannesburg Steelmen in five games.

November 6, 2015: Ed Santos wins his second Blizzard League MVP.

2018 Playoffs: The Lobsters return to the postseason after a three year absence. They win the Roehm Division, but the Tokyo Tsunamis defeat them in the BLCS 4 games to 2.

November 8, 2018: Johnny Hubbell wins the Blizzard League Cy Young Award.

November 9, 2018: Joey Monk is named MVP of the Blizzard League.

August 9, 2019: Pete Alexander throws a perfect game against the Jamaica Rastafarians.

2019 Playoffs: Long Beach makes it back to back Roehm Division titles, but the Tokyo Tsunamis beat them in the BLCS four games to one.

November 8, 2019: Nathan Frias wins the Blizzard League MVP award.

July 5, 2020: LaTroy Hawkins tosses a no-hitter against the Tokyo Tsunamis.

October 4, 2020: The Lobsters set a record for the most wins by a team in a single season, going 134-28 to break the previous record of 133-29 held by the 2010 Cozumel Mayans.

2020 Playoffs: Long Beach wins it's third Weaver Series championship! After surviving the BLCS in a seven game series against Stockholm, the Lobsters blow past the New York Nukes in a four game Weaver Series sweep.

November 5, 2020: Ed Walsh wins the Blizzard League Cy Young Award.

2021 Playoffs: The Lobsters prevail in a thrilling Roehm Division race, holding off three challengers during the final week of the season to return to the playoffs, but the Cairo Scorpions end any hopes of Long Beach defending their Weaver Series crown with a four game sweep in the BLCS.

2022 Playoffs: Long Beach gets a rematch with Cairo in the BLCS, and they get revenge as they beat them 4-2. But the Blizzard League Champions lose to Amity in the Weaver Series in six games.