Feel free to try deals with the computer teams... give me a proposal and I will forward it to the computer team. Also, I must receive an Email/Correspondence from both Owners before apporving any trade which takes one day to complete.

To explore possible player trades with another team, select Propose Trade on the Team menu. The roster for the current team is displayed. To change teams, select Select Team from the Team menu. In the dialog box that is displayed, select the team you want to display, then click OK.

You may use this display in two ways. You may put one of your players "on the auction block" to see what other teams offer in exchange, or you may ask another team for a specific player to see what they will demand in return.

Shopping a Player

To see other teams’ responses on a player you are willing to trade away, make sure your players are shown in the roster display by selecting Players to SEND in the Show menu. Click on the player that you are willing to part with, then click on the Send text box. The player’s name will appear in the box. Then select Get Response to SEND from the Action menu. The Computer General Managers (GMs) of all of the other teams in the Association will take a look at your player and, if they are interested, will offer a player in exchange. The names of all interested teams will appear in the Team list box. To see each offer, click on the team name, and the player will appear in the Receive box.

Note: You may send or receive up to three players in trade at a time. You may also make "uneven" trades, such as one for three or three for two, etc.

Finding the Right Player

To find the right player to fill your team’s needs, select Show menu > Players to display a list of available players and select Set Criteria from the Action menu. A dialog box will allow you to set your requirements. You may select players based on their current team, qualified positions, batting and pitching hands, minimum ratings, age, and current roster status (active, AAA, or Low Minors). The roster display will change to show the players who meet your criteria. If you see one you are interested in, click on his name, then click in the Receive text box. Select Get Response to RECEIVE, and the other team will name the player wanted in exchange in the Send box.

Submitting the Trade

Once you have found a deal you are happy with, make sure the proper players are in the Send and Receive boxes and select Submit Trade from the Action menu. Messages will appear in the Team News of each team. If the team you are proposing a trade to is a human-owned team, the GM will have one game day to respond to your offer. Computer teams will respond at the end of the game day. You may withdraw your offer at any time before the other team takes action on it by clicking on Team News. (See Team News.)

Two things to remember about proposing trades:

1. If you are proposing a trade to a human-owned team that has Respond to Trade turned off on the Computer GM settings, the team might not accept a trade that the Computer GM approved during negotiations.

2. You may submit any trade, even if the players involved were not the ones listed by the Computer GM as ones he wanted to trade. He is asking for the player he wants the most, but may accept another.

Trade Restrictions

Trades have some restrictions. Players on the Disabled List may not be traded. Also, after August 31 (in Associations with full-length schedules) you may trade with teams in the same league only. For example, if you owned a team in the National Baseball League, you could not trade with teams in the American Baseball League. Finally, no trades may be made during the playoffs.

Responding to Trade Proposals

If you receive a trade proposal from another team, a message will appear in your Team News. Click on that message to respond to the trade. If you accept the trade, you must assign the player to one of your rosters before you start your next game. (See Reassigning Players.)

When a Proposal is Accepted

If your trade proposal is accepted, a message will appear in your Team News. Click on that message to assign your new player to one of your rosters. (Players received from another team’s active or AAA rosters may not be placed on your Low Minors roster.) You must assign the player to one of your rosters before you can start your next game. (See Reassigning Players.)