Team News (Injuries, Transactions)
Uniform Colors (Get alot to choose)
Stadium and City (Weather, Altitude makes a difference)
Rosters (Major League and Minor League-AAA/LOW)
Reassigning Players (Disabled List, moving up or sending down to minors)
Pitching Staff Roles

There are many things an owner can do to customize their team. Also, as owner you must manage injuries, set lineups, pitching staff roles and trades. Look through the sections and read below to know all the cool things you can do to cutomize your franchise.

Team Data

Team Name, Nickname, Abbreviation: You may click directly on these text boxes to type in new data for these items. The Name and Nickname may be up to 16 characters each, and the Abbreviation may be up to 4 characters.

Manager: You may click directly on this text box to type in new data. The manager's name may be up to 32 characters.

Ownership: You may click on this text box to toggle the ownership of this team from Computer to Human and back. When the ownership is set to Computer, you cannot change any of the team's data - the computer has complete control of the team. Once the ownership is changed to Human, you can modify the team as you wish. NOTE: you may toggle all teams at once between human- and computer-owned by selecting Reset Teams from the Action menu on the Association Data screen.

Play Modes: Make choices as to what level of control you will have during league games.

Roster Management: Make choices as to what level of control you will have over player transactions.

City and Stadium: Select the city and stadium where the team will play and the surface for the stadium.

General Manager Functions

FPS: Baseball provides a Computer General Manager to handle any management functions you wish to delegate. This allows you to concentrate on the aspects of team management that interest you, while leaving routine functions to the discretion of your computer assistant.

Management options that can be delegated to the Computer GM include:

Reassign Players: This sets the degree of control the Computer GM will have over the team’s players. When this option is selected, the computer will make decisions about roster assignments, resting players, and moving players to and from the Disabled List. When Reassign Players is checked, the three options listed directly below it are also available:

Propose Trades: The Computer GM will initiate trade proposals with other teams.

Respond to Trades: The Computer GM will make decisions concerning trade proposals received from other teams.

Sign Free Agents: The Computer GM will sign free agents as needed for the team.

Amateur Draft: The Computer GM will make draft selections for the team in the annual Amateur draft in June.

Free Agent Draft: The Computer GM will make draft selections for the team in the annual Free Agent Draft and the Initial Draft (if that option was selected when the Association was being created).