The Association Standings screen displays a variety of information relating to the Won-Lost records of the teams of each league in the Association. To display this screen, select Standings from the Association menu. The following information is displayed:

Team: Team name

W: Number of wins.

L: Number of losses.

Pct.: Winning percentage.

GB: Number of games each team is behind; this is the number of games that the team would have to win and the top team would have to lose in order for the team to move into first place.

1-run: Record in games decided (won or lost) by one run.

X-inn: Record in extra inning games.

L-10: Record for last 10 games.

Strk: Current winning or losing streak.

Home/Road: Home or away records. (Click title to switch between Home and Road.)

vs. LHP/vs. RHP: Each team’s Won-Lost records against either left- or right-handed starting pitchers. (Click title to switch between vs. LHP and vs. RHP.)

In Div/NonDiv: Won-Lost records against teams in division or teams out of division. (Click title to switch between In Div and NonDiv.)

To display the standings for another league in the Association, select that league from the Show menu. Standings can be printed by selecting Print from the Action menu. The Standings will be printed using the current information displayed. If you wish to print other information, change the on-screen display before printing.