Choose from any of the 28 current major league ballparks... I only wish we could customize our own park.

Each team has a home stadium located in or near a city. The stadium model and the city can affect players’ ratings during a game. 28 stadium models and 85 cities are included in FPS: Baseball. The nearest city, and the calendar date of the game, determine the weather for all league games. The weather affects ratings (except when using the domed stadiums).

You can change the name of your stadium at any time.

You may change your stadium model or move your team to a new city prior to the first game of any season. To change these, click on the appropriate text box. A dialog box will show you a list of available choices. Scroll through the list until the desired model or city appears, then click on that item and click OK.

You may also decide whether the stadium has an artificial or grass surface by selecting the appropriate option button in the bottom left corner of this screen.