The players on your team may be assigned to the active roster, AAA, the Disabled List, or, in a Career Association, to the Low Minors. (See "Teams and Rosters" for a detailed explanation of the various rosters.) From time to time, you may need to make changes in these assignments. To do this, select Reassign Players... from the Team menu (make sure your team is the current team first).

If you have signed a free agent or drafted a player, his name will appear in the Signed Free Agent list. Prior to starting your next game, you must assign him to one of the team rosters on the top half of the screen. Click on the free agent’s name, and then click on the roster to which you wish to assign him.

The Released Players list shows the player (or players) that you will be releasing from your roster, once you click OK. Click on a player’s name in any list, then click on the Released Players button to move a player to this list. If you have inadvertently moved a player here, you can move him back to any of the top four list boxes, before you click OK.

If a player trade has been finalized, your new players will appear in the Receive In Trade list. These players must be assigned to one of the team rosters prior to your next scheduled game.