While in the Team Roster screen, you may select Change Columns from the Action menu to display the following items for all players, both pitchers and batters:

NO. Uniform number

POSN Primary defensive position

QPOS Qualified defensive position. If the player is qualified at only one position, QPOS is the same as POSN. If the player is qualified at two or more positions, the secondary position at which he has played the most games is shown. NOTE: In order to be qualified at a position, a player must have played a number of games at that position equal to at least 1/8 of total games he has played (including historical data).

B Batting hand

T Throwing hand

AGE Age as of current game date

EXP Experience at the major league level (in years)

SLOT Roster slot occupied by this player. This could be Act (Active roster), AAA, DL (disabled list) or Low (Low Minors, in a Career Association).

HEALTH Current health status. This could be OK (not injured), HURT (injured, but able to play) or OUT (injured and unable to play).

The following data is additional only in pitching columns:

AVAIL Number of pitches the player has available, before becoming exhausted.