If the Reassign Players option for your team is not set to Computer GM, then you will need to assign roles to the pitchers on your team. This includes establishing a starting rotation and, at your option, assigning specific relief roles to non-starting pitchers. These assignments are used by the computer when you play in Basic or Standard Manager mode, or when you are simulating games. You may assign roles to your pitchers from the Team Roster screen by choosing Pitching Staff Roles from the Show menu.

The possible assignments are:

Starting pitchers: The first pitcher used in a game. Each pitcher will be used in turn. You may use a four- or five-man starting rotation.

Long Relief/Spot Starter: This is the guy who will be brought in if the starter is knocked out of the box early. He is also used as an emergency starter, and he may be called in if the game goes to extra innings.

Middle reliever: These are the guys brought in to pitch the sixth or seventh innings, or to finish off games that are not close.

Set-up men: These are the guys who close things down in the seventh and eighth, so you can bring in the closer.

Closer: This is the man you bring in to get the last three outs, to nail down the victory.