Drafts (January Supplemental & June Amateur)
Spring Training (improve players)
Starting a New Season

The following outline portrays the life cycle of an association:

1. Create an Association

2. Initial Player Draft (already done in the inaugural season)

3. Spring training

Spring Training occurs prior to the first season only if an Initial Player Draft was held.

4. Regular season play begins

FPS: Baseball automatically schedules games for each team in an Association. Teams play games every day, although there are off days in each full-season schedule. All games for a current day must be resolved before the association can proceed to the next day.

5. Amateur draft

6. Regular season play continues

7. All-Star game

8. Regular season play continues

On September 1 active rosters may be expanded to 40 players.

9. End of regular season play

10. Playoffs begin

11. Playoffs end

MVP, CY Young, Rookie of the Year, and Triple Crown awards are given out.

12. Start new season

In career associations, all players undergo the effects of aging, with some choosing to retire. Outstanding retirees may be nominated for election to the Hall of Fame and existing nominees may be elected.

13. Free agent draft

14. Go to Step 3.