Baseball is a different game to different people. For some fans, the fascination lies in the stately ritual of a single game. For others, it is the burning tension that builds during the dramatic final days of a close pennant race or Series. Still others see baseball as more of a religion--ongoing proof that seasons of dedication, teamwork, and vision can eventually raise any player from the bush leagues to the front page, any team from cellar-dwellers to champions.

The "National Pastime" has its unique appeal to each fan. That is why we have designed Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro ’98 Season (FPS: Baseball) with the widest, most flexible array of play options and features in any baseball simulation. It is designed to emphasize the relationship you have with professional baseball.

Whether you prefer the arcade action of an exhibition game, or the strategic challenge of building and maintaining a baseball dynasty, FPS: Baseball is as close as you can get to the major league dugout without putting on cleats. In fact, it is better--rather than a pre-structured playing environment, FPS: Baseball is, in effect, a baseball fan’s fantasy construction set that lets you play any role--or all.

The range of playing options is unprecedented. Opt for swing-by-swing control of on-field action. Build a dynasty with the draft, trade, and training strategies you select in Career Associations. Input historical teams and replay classic pennant races, build your own league from scratch, or create any combination you want.

This "do it yourself" approach extends to the VCR and replay options. Our Camera Angle Management System (CAMS) lets you select exactly how you want to view the action, choosing from five camera modes. You can even record and edit your own highlight films and trade them with your friends.

FPS: Baseball provides a diverse and powerful set of tools for constructing your own dream teams. From the optimism of spring training to the intense drama of the championship series, welcome to the world of professional baseball!

See "What's New for '98" for a complete list of things we've added or changed since the '96 version.