The Association History screen provides a look at the past achievements for the current Association. You may open this screen at any time by selecting the History command on the Association menu. There may be times when one or more of the lists is empty, because no player or team has won the award yet. For example, when you create a new Association, all of the lists will be empty, until the first season has been completed. Likewise, there may be years when no player wins the Triple Crown award.

Check out the Weaver League Association History screen

The following items can be displayed on this screen, by selecting the appropriate command from the Show menu. The Show menu also lists the league names, which you can select to display the awards (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the Year, Triple Crown) for different leagues in the Association.

Champions: Shows the championship teams and their World Series record from prior seasons. In associations without scheduled playoffs, the team's seasonal record is shown instead of the record in the non-existent World Series.

Hall of Fame: Players who have shown outstanding performance over the course of their career may be nominated for election into the association Hall of Fame. To be eligible for nomination, a player must have played at least 10 years, or every year in an association's history, and must have made a certain impact on the association. Nominated players are eligible for election 5 years after retirement and remain eligible for 15 more years.

Each year the most qualified of eligible retirees are elected for enshrinement in your Hall of Fame, but only a limited number are selected each year. Marginally qualified players may find themselves at the bottom of each year's eligibility list and may never get elected to the Hall of Fame before becoming ineligible, but given a period of time when the relative level of player accomplishments is low, the marginally qualified player may get enshrined.

Player accomplishments are measured statistically for each season and for the player's career as a whole. Players are given credit for each statistical accomplishment as well as reaching certain "magic" milestones, such as 3000 hits or 300 wins, and a host of others. If the player wins any seasonal awards or is an important member of winning teams, particularly if he plays an important defensive position, such as catcher or shortstop, he will have a greater chance of being nominated and elected. (Note: the Hall of Fame is not available for Single-Season Associations.)

Most Valuable Player Award: Awarded to the most valuable player in each league with pitchers being ineligible. Individual statistical accomplishments and milestones (such as hitting 30 homers and having 30 stolen bases), relative team strength, and defensive importance all contribute to the selection.

Cy Young Award: Awarded to the top pitcher in each league and awarded to pitcher's based on their statistical accomplishments and milestones (such as winning 20 games or having 30 saves).

Rookie of the Year Award: Awarded to the top rookie in each league, being a player with an Experience of 0. Players with 0 Experience will not get a year of experience awarded to them each season as long as they remain in the minor leagues, but once they appear in a league game, they will increment a year of Experience each season, whether they play or not. The Rookie of the Year award can be given to either a pitcher or a position player and is based on the same criteria as are used to select the MVP and Cy Young award winners.

Triple Crown: Not really an award, but more an acknowledgment of this rare accomplishment. The Triple Crown is awarded to any player who leads his league in Batting Average, Home Runs, and Runs Batted In. A player may be tied for the lead in homers or RBI, but must lead the league outright in batting to win the award.