In FPS: Baseball, as in real life, players may be injured. Injuries may be minor, resulting in a reduction of abilities for a period of days, or serious enough to end a player’s career. (Any injuries sustained in exhibition play, regardless of severity, are not recorded after the exhibition game concludes.)

If a player is injured during a game, look at the Team News after the game to find out the severity of the injury and how long the player is expected to be hurt. If the player is listed as "day-to-day," he may be used in games, but he will heal more slowly than if he is allowed to rest. If a player is listed as "expected out for" some period of time, he cannot be used in a game. The player’s status is listed in the Health column on the Team Roster. A healthy player is listed as "OK." A player who is injured, but able to play, is listed as "HURT," and a player who cannot play is listed as "OUT."


Injured players heal a little bit every day. The amount that they heal depends on how they are used each day. A player who plays most of a game will not heal very much. One who appears briefly in a game will heal more, and one who does not play at all will heal the most. A player heals fastest when he is placed on the Disabled List, but a player cannot be brought back from the DL for at least 15 days, even if he fully recovers from his injury sooner.

Some players may incur injuries that will leave them listed as "day-to-day" for an extended period of time. If a player continues in this state for more than a few days, you should consider placing him on the Disabled List. To do this, click anywhere within the Injuries list on the Team News screen or select Reassign Players from the Team menu to display the Roster Assignments screen.