There are three different drafts in FPS: Baseball Pro '98:

Initial Draft: both Career and Single-Season Associations may have initial drafts, if that option is chosen during the Create Association process in the Player Options screen. The initial draft occurs by dumping all players in the Association into a pool, from which teams then select, one by one, until all of the team rosters are refilled.

Free Agent Draft: held in January; teams can try to plug some of the holes in their rosters created by players retiring. Only held for Career Associations.

Amateur Draft: held in June; kids out of high school and college are selected and placed on a team’s Low Minors roster. Only held for Career Associations.

Other than what is stated above, the drafts are handled in a similar manner:

1. You are automatically notified when it is time for a draft to begin.

2. Teams are automatically set into a draft order based on their Won-Lost percentage in the previous season (for Amateur and Free Agent Drafts) or in a random manner (for Initial Drafts).

3. To start a draft, select Start/Resume Draft from the Association menu, then select Start/Resume Draft from the Action menu.

4. The computer will automatically make draft decisions for computer-owned teams, and for any teams that have Free Agent Draft selected under the Computer GM options on the Team Data screen (for Free Agent Draft and Initial Draft) and Amateur Draft selected for Amateur Draft. If the draft is being handled by a human for a team, the player is selected by double-clicking on the player name is the roster display.

To aid in your selection, you can use the Set Criteria and Change Columns commands on the Action menu to select a group of players to display and select what information to display on screen. You can then use the commands on the Show menu to display different stats and time frames.

Once selected, if the Team has Reassign Players set to human control, the Reassign Players dialog box is displayed and you can place the selected player on one of your rosters. Otherwise, your Computer GM will do it for you.

5. To pass for a round, select Skip Round under the Action menu. To take your team out of all remaining rounds, select Skip Draft on the Action menu. You may examine the draft order by selecting Draft Order under the Show menu.

6. The drafts continue as long as teams want to select. Players not selected in the draft are added to the free agent pool. The player drafts must be completed before the season can continue.