You may sign free agents at any time during the season and assign them to any of the team’s rosters (except during the Amateur and Free Agent Drafts). To sign a free agent, or to see what talent is currently available, select Claim Free Agent from the Team menu (make sure your team is the "current team" first). The Set Criteria dialog box will appear, allowing you to narrow down the list of players to suit your needs. Then the roster display will change to show all the players currently available in the free agent pool.

To make a claim:

1. Use the Set Criteria dialog box to narrow down the list of players to suit your needs.

2. Display the free agents that meet your criteria by selecting Free Agents from the Show menu.

3. Change the display columns to view information that will help you make your decision by selecting Change Columns from the Action Menu. You can sort the list by clicking on the heading of one of the display columns (it will then turn white).

4. When you have found a player you want to claim, double-click on his name. His name will be displayed in the Claim edit box at the top of the screen.

5. Select Submit Claim from the Action Menu to send your claim to the Commissioner. While the day’s games are being played, the Commissioner’s Office will respond to free agent claims. If two or more teams claim the same free agent, he will be awarded to the team with the poorest winning percentage.

If the Commissioner’s Office approves your free agent claim, a message will appear in your Team News. Double-click that message and the Reassign Players dialog box will appear, allowing you to specify to which of the various team rosters the new player(s) will be assigned. You must assign the player to the active, reserve, or Low Minors roster before you can start your next game.