At about mid-season in each full-season schedule, all teams have a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off so that the Association All-Star game can be played on the Tuesday in the middle of the break. Two teams will be generated by the computer divided into the two leagues or divisions present in the association. Associations with three leagues or divisions will have two teams representing an amalgamation of the best players in the Association. The All-Star teams are selected by FPS: Baseball at the time the game is played and are based on the statistics generated by the players in the Association's current season, as well as their rated abilities.

To start the All-Star game, go to the League Schedule screen by choosing Schedule from the Association menu and click on the game text. You may choose to either play or simulate the All-Star game. Player injuries and pitcher fatigue will be recorded for this game, but the statistics will not.

Check out the Weaver League All-Star-Games (link coming soon)