Clarance "Eddie" Murray
First Baseman
Tenochtitlan Aztec Gods (1997-1998)

Inducted into Hall of Fame: 2004

The only first baseman in the history of the Tenochtitlan Aztec Gods, Eddie Murray was a fan favorite, a class act, and a solid switch hitting threat.

Joining the Weaver League near the end of his playing days he never put up the numbers that would have been expected of him in his prime. But he was enough of a force in the middle of the Aztec Gods lineup to help lead them to a respectable 86-76 record in their inaugural season of 1997. The next season was a disaster though, with the team racking up 100 losses and prompting a move to Detroit. Several veterans from the team decided to call it a career rather than moving with the team, with Murray among them.

Although he was a decent hitter, his stats were never high enough to register on the leaderboards during either of his two seasons in the league. However, Aztec Gods are powerful gods, and these powerful gods are sometimes angry gods... and nobody wants to deal with an angry Aztec God. So with that said, Eddie Murray was inducted in 2004 as the second member of the Weaver League Hall of Fame.

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