Dennis Eckersley
Relief Pitcher
Los Angeles Hermanos (1997)
Dallas Doom (1998)
Inducted into Hall of Fame: 2008

Dennis Eckersley had a short, unremarkable Weaver League career, but that didn't stop him from being voted into the Hall of Fame anyway.

Eckersley began his Weaver League career with the Los Angeles Hermanos, the team that was voted as having the worst name in Weaver League history. The name may have been horrible, but the team wasn't half bad. They finished in third place in the Lockwood Division, ten games behind the New York Nukes, although they won 101 games that season. Eckersley was among the league leaders in saves with 20.

The next season Ron Patrick took over the team and moved it to Dallas and renamed the team the Doom. They may as well have been named the Doomed as things quickly went downhill after the move. They finished in fifth place with a 76-86 record, and Eckersley managed only 4 saves all season. The Eck had enough of the losing atmosphere that followed the team, and retired after the season.

Eckersley became eligible for Hall of Fame induction in in 2004, but was overlooked for several years and it looked like he wouldn't quite make the cut. But in 2007 he was finally elected into the Hall of Fame.

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