Welcome to the Weaverball Hall of Fame, the greatest collection of the greatest players to play in the greatest league of all time!

Since the founding of the Weaver League back in 1987 many players have come and gone, but these are the players who have stood the test of time and have left a lasting impression on the league.

To qualify for induction into the Weaverball Hall of Fame, a player 1.) must have played in the Weaver Leauge, 2.) must wait at least five years after he retires, and 3.) must have it in good with the Dreaded Computer, since no matter what kind of career a player has it is ultimately up to the DC as to who makes the cut.

The Weaverball Hall of Fame is located at the Weaver League Galactic Headquarters in the scenic Midtown District of San Jose, California. Tours are available by appointment, for more information please feel free to contact us.

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