2018 College Football
I really hope they do the following once the current 4-team TV contract expires:
- get rid of all conference championship games
- 9 conference games per team, strength of schedule factors into seeding
- 8-team playoffs (getting rid of the CCG means max number of games doesnt increase)
- 5 bids for the P5 conf champs, 1 bid for the best G5 team out there, 2 wildcards
- top 4 teams seeded and get to host games; bottom 4 assigned to slots in attempt to limit travel
- semifinals also at on-campus stadiums, final at neutral site
College Football Playoff championship game to be played in 3 hrs, around the corner from my office. Need to make sure to leave around half to avoid pregame, postgame traffic jams.

Get in the door price back up to around $230 (had dipped to around $160 earlier in the week). Weather for the game should be nice, clear and crisp. Nice change from the weekend when it pretty much poured all day and wiped out many of the outdoor fanfest activities. Free concert canceled.

Went to the fanfest on Saturday and got a free plastic tote but otherwise kind of meh. Not sure if it was the relative low energy of the area for the game, the bad weather, or some combination of the two.
interesting read on recruiting offers and how the system is broken:

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