NFL / Healthy Scratches
the answer to "would this work?" is probably no, because one side would not want to give up the money... but...

If the NFL wants to expand to 18 regular season games, or more, why not introduce the concept of "a healthy scratch?" Players would only be allowed to play 16 regular season games, and the coaches could decide when to sit folks / give them their own personal bye week. Expand roster counts to allow for more players...

That said, I hope they DON'T do this seeing as how the current scheduling format with 16 games is pretty great. Totally symmetric: 3x2=6 games with division foes, 4 games vs same-league division, 4 games vs an opposite league division, 2 games vs same-rank teams in your league
I think the NFL has to take into consideration the increased health risk for going full speed in two more games that matter. I doubt the Players' Union wants that, or would want more guarantees of financial compensation, be it increased salaries, health insurance, or early retirement policies.

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