Dublin Daredevils Team News
Dublin Daredevils Team News
Monday, July 26, 2055

No transactions reported

DBL   P Ivan Misura (pulled tricep tendon) is day-to-day (severity = 19%). 
DBL  3B Dennis Cramer (bruised hip) is day-to-day (severity = 2%). 
DBL  LF Otto Westermann (tender knee) is day-to-day (severity = 6%). 
DBL  CF Shinji Hiraoka (tender elbow) is day-to-day (severity = 10%). 
DBL   P Franklin Ritz (inflamed elbow ligament) went on the DL Apr 24 and is expected OUT 4-6 months. 
DBL  3B Adnan Xhaka (herniated disc in the back) went on the DL Jul 21 and is expected OUT 4-6 months.